Looking for an Advocate?

Digital Kanoon doesn’t maintain the database of advocates across the country but it will offer some of the tips/points to be considered before you think of hiring an advocate which will help you in the long run. As you may know the court cases are not going to be completed in a day or two and your interests will be vested in it, selecting a right advocate can save your time and also your hard earned money. Consider the points mentioned below before you hire an advocate, though it will be difficult to find one based on these points.

Is there really a requirement to hire an advocate?

An advocate’s help or assistance can be helpful in many situations apart from the legal solutions because of their unique approach to the problems. But some of the things can be handled directly without the help of advocate, for instance Marriage Registration, the State Government takes up duties for registration of Marriage which clearly defines the procedure and approach in an online mode, please refer to the Telangana State procedure ‘https://registration.telangana.gov.in/hinduregistration.jsp‘  and it may slightly defer in other states.

Some scenarios can directly make you contact an Advocate for legal help such as direct involvement with criminal activities and having to deal with police but in other situations if you are not sure of the legal help then present your problem to Digital Kanoon which can help you decide if you really need an Advocate and which expertise help is required to solve your legal problem.

Try to see if there are any regulated agencies for the problem you are facing such as if you are having a problem with your insurance company first of all try to reach out their internal problem resolution team and if you are not satisfied with the solution then you can approach IRDA with your grievance and find out solution for it with out the help of an Advocate.


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Search for an Advocate who meets your requirements

Every year we see increasing number of Advocates at the Bar Council with fresh law graduates passing out across the country and already experienced and practicing advocates in different fields but who can help you solve your problem?

Having the above one said, Advocates specialize in field of law and make their stand good. The Advocate who is expert and best in dealing with civil case may not be good enough to handle criminal cases though we can see exceptions but in many areas Advocates stick practicing in a particular field so find an Advocate in the field you are having problem or you can take help from Digital Kanoon to find your field of problem.

With the ease of fast growing digital world it’s very easy to find an Advocate right from the place where you are sitting but you can consider visiting to the court where your case need to be settled and look out for the Advocates who are specifically practicing in those courts because they are well aware of the things in that court premises.

Are you clear which field expert Advocate help is required?

Once you are clear with the field of your problem you can look out for number of Advocates who are specifically dealing in that particular field and do not fall for an Advocate’s words without checking credentials. Consider several Advocates and discuss your problem with them and analyze if they are giving you right solution for your problem and compare those solutions with other Advocates opinion as well or you can even reach out to Digital Kanoon to know if you are going in the right direction before selecting one for your case. It is important that you find someone who has the skills you need, who will be honest with you and who will work hard on your behalf till the case is finished.

Prepare a list of questions before meeting an Advocate to know if such Advocate meets your requirements and handles your case properly:

  • Check out their area of expertise
  • Number of cases they dealt
  • Did they handle any similar cases
  • Explain your problem and see their solution towards it and also check if they are prepared from other end of your case as well.
  • Know if there are any alternate solutions like mediation or arbitration
  • Confirm if your Advocate will directly deal with the case or engages any junior?
  • Fees charged for Advocate’s services and other court expenses? How the payment can be made – will be better if it is made on case progress otherwise it will be dragged for years to gain fee – Negotiate fee on case basis and not on date basis
  • How the case updates will be sent to you? Is there any process in place? – otherwise you will end up following your case continuously.
  • Any reference if such Advocate is not taking up your case – can be considered in rare cases

Don’t go for words like ‘Okay. Don’t worry this can be handled and we will look after it.’ Ask for a proper solution like under which provision or according to which precedent the case will be handled and what can be the expected outcome based on those points and do not sign anything which you do not fully understand.

Discuss and develop a strategic plan

Once you have finalized the Advocate from whom you want to avail the services then it’s time to discuss your case in detail and draw a strategic plan to achieve the desired outcome. After explaining the case to your Advocate, make it clear about the outcome you are expecting so that you will be updated whether it can be possible or not and if it is possible in which way it can be accomplished. A good planning and preparation in proactive manner will definitely help your case.

Look out for multiple plans based on your case and go for cost efficient and also be prepared from other party of the case as well to deal with expected counters and tackle effectively without wasting your time.

Finally, if you hear any better strategic plan from your friends, colleagues or others then don’t be reluctant in discussing it with your Advocate and go for it if it is the best possible solution.

Qualities of an ideal Advocate – Dealing your case

Advocacy is a noble profession which protects the rights and justice of all people, try to evaluate Advocate’s ability to:

  • Provide case updates regularly
  • Return your phone calls or emails
  • Honor deadlines, with a reasonable amount of flexibility
  • Maintain the confidentiality and loyalty to you while keeping honest, even while being critical of your wishes
  • Discuss openly all billing matters and sticks to originally agreed fees
  • Consider other experts opinions if it best meets your case requirements
  • Appear prepared at meetings or court appearances