About Us

Digital Kanoon is a legal information provider and also helps you in understanding your legal problems by providing you the relevant sections along with interpretation and thereby helping you draw a better solution to your legal problem. As per Indian law a petition/case can be filed by the party directly in person or can take legal help from the authorized practitioners. Digital Kanoon will help you understand your case whether it is being dealt by any other person in your behalf or directly dealt by you and Digital Kanoon will also help you to deal your case on your own if you are interested to take up. Due to the digitalization initiative taken by the Indian Government, the Indian Courts are also going digital and opening the e-courts. The Supreme Court of India is taking up the cases from e-filing and the same is also implemented in Delhi High Court, hope this will eventually spread across the country. This means everyone will have access to courts right from their place.

A party to the case can do fair justice to their case if the party directly deals with it but due to lack of knowledge and experience this usually doesn’t happen.

Our vision is to provide legal assistance to all people who are in need of it to defend the cases on their own and also guide the parties to the cases to understand the legal terminology and case status in detail and to avoid the misleading information shared by their representing legal practitioners which usually happens in India.